Before and after! What I love most about crafting is the way you can transform mundane things in artistic, unique stuff.

How to upcycle a Desigual skirt: JeansDori galore

Revamped Chest of drawers

Altered Round Box

MixedMedia Table Calendar
81Rr5KwajVL._SX425_.jpg (425×425)

Bangles out of empty tape rolls

Makeup brushes holder 

Upcycled wooden panel: 2017 Calendar

Upcycled pizza box
Steampunk Altered Pewter Sugar Bowl

Alice in Wonderland Altered ceramic cup and saucer

Fruit crate

Altered Dominoes
MixedMedia mini round tin
Beer Tote

Glass Jars
jar0 glass_jar1
Altered Coffee maker

Altered Paintbrush
Mini wooden village
Wooden keyrings
Mini Boxes
Tin pudding mould

Altered clipboard
 Altered pizza boxes
Altered wooden minisuitcase
 Upcycled round tin
 Mini wooden bird house
 Upcycled pasta boxes
Altered coffee maker
Altered metal vintage bag
 Mini drawer from upcycled cereal boxes
Upcycled tea box
Artist Trading Block from cereal box
Upcycled tea box
 Altered tin candy
  Altered mini coffe maker
Altered paper fan
Altered Halloween Shoe
Shadow box with card
Altered Clock
Upcycled plastic basket
 Altered Mini Suitcase
Altered cigar box
Altered Chess box
 Upcycled cereal box
 Altered straw sewing box
  Altered Cuttlebug
Altered Watch
Upcycled nougat boxes
Altered glass
Upcycled sieve
  Photo holder
 Book with niche ( router holder)
Cat Chaise lounge
   Mini Apron from a cotton bag
 DIY Desk Organizer
 Altered box and notepad
  Altered soap bottle

 CD Holder to rubber stamp case

 Altered mini plastic tubes

DIY Paint holder
Old Ruler jewels
 Altered mouse-trap

 Altered typewriter
 Altered clock
 Altered mini sewing machine
 Altered money pig

 Altered cookie cutter
 Altered mini plastic boxes

  Upcycled shower gel bottle

 Altered Scale
 Upcycled plastic box
Altered Trinket box

Tubetto pomodoro alterato
Cappelliera Ikea alterata
Borsa tela bianca alterata
Sedia alterata

Cassettina della frutta alterata

Fabric Cupcakes
Tessere domino alterate
Bracelet with clear tape
 DIY Recycled placemats
Cuori morbidi con acchiappacolore usati
Specchio IKEA alterato
Altered key-holder
Upcycled empty tape roll
Tessere Domino alterate
Minalbum made with two minicanvases

Bacheca alterata/Shadow box
Scatola alterata
Minialbum con carte da gioco

Lattine embossate con macchina per la pasta 
Minialbum con buste plastica fuse

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