lunedì 20 marzo 2023

VideoTutorial: Boho-Chic Jewels with GrafixArts

Welcome back everyone! Lately I had some serious fun using Grafix Shrink Film, I even put my hands on a shrink film that goes through my inkjet printer. The possibilities are endless! And since Spring is finally approaching, what better way to celebrate it than wearing some fun, colourful jewels? Here's the video tutorial: 

You can create also some keychains or embellishments to attach to a bag:

martedì 14 marzo 2023

Upcycled Fabric Leftovers Earrings

At last I've made a pair of upcycled fabric coiled earrings, and I like them a lot! I had some trouble making the tiny hole in the little spiral, I know I am too ambitiuos, sometimes :-D
Here's a short fun video about them:

If you like to learn and master this technique here's an ebook I wrote, available in my Etsy shop:

mercoledì 1 marzo 2023

Newsletter: Free 'Vintage Typewriter' SVG/PNG File

Have you received my March newsletter in your inbox? There's a free SVG/PNG file to download, to cut or print at home, and these are some ideas how you can use it, hope these ideas inspire you!

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venerdì 24 febbraio 2023

Upcycled Fabric Leftovers Necklace

When you start coiling can't stop! So I tried something little (quick to make but it requires a bit of patience), to make some jewels. I started with a statement necklace, very bold to wear. I have some coiled discs left maybe I will try something sober and and some earrings, my mind is buzzin' with ideas :-)
Here's a short/tease video about it:

If you like to learn and master this technique here's an ebook I wrote, available in my Etsy shop:

lunedì 20 febbraio 2023

99 Prints: Crystal Pigments

My 99 Prints project is going sloooowly forward, no stress :-) Still in my comfort zone, this time I played with joy with one of my favourite medium: crystal pigments, such as Pixie, Infusions and Nuvo Shimmer Powders: the result is always unpredictable and most of the time pretty beautiful:

Here's a short process video:

venerdì 17 febbraio 2023

VideoTutorial: Butterfly Booklet with GrafixArts

Spring is in the air? Not so far, here in Sardinia. And today a new video in collaboration with GrafixArts where I had a lot of fun playing with alcohol inks, Dura-bright and the butterfly SVG file you can download for free from my latest newsletter:

I stitched the little butterfly to the larg one, Dura-bright is pretty soft to work with:
And some shrinked charms made out of Grafix Shrink film:

lunedì 13 febbraio 2023

Loooove slow stitching! Stitched Hearts

How much I love slow stitching? A lot! But I 'm running out of ideas what to stitch lately. I started to put together these simple stitched hearts before Christmas and well, it took a while to finish and I love how these turned out.
From a gel print with one of my stencil (my favourite one, oh those black micro beads):
And finally I used those rusted fabric:

And here some short video process (are you hooked ;-)?):

lunedì 6 febbraio 2023

New E-Book: Upcycled Fabric Coiled Placemats and Vessel

Would you like to learn how to make these ones out of old garments, jeans, t-shirts and plastic bags? I put together an ebook with hours of instructional videos with my 'lovely' Italian accent and English mistakes everywhere :-D! A big THANK YOU to the my friend Claire that patiently spend time in correcting the step by step PDF(much needed).
To wet your appetite here's a bonus video focused on blanket stitch.

Here's materials you need and the two projects you make, a small placemat and a vessel:
This technique is applicable to coiled basket as well, any size you like
You also learn how to make a nice, decorative closure like this one:
Available in my Etsy shop as direct download
Or here (I send it by email within 24 hours):

This e-book contains: 
- Step by step photo tutorial from start to finish
- 5 video tutorial: 
   - Video 1: Coiled Placemats - Materials and how to start 
   - Video 2: Coiled Placemats - How to add a new thread,a new core, a new piece of fabric
   - Video 3: Coiled Placemats - How to make a decorative closure 
   - Video 4: Coiled Vessel – How to make the sides 
   - Video 5 – Inspiration and resources 
- Bonus video - Focus on Blanket Stitch 
- 24 pages with photo and description
- PDF file