lunedì 6 febbraio 2023

New E-Book: Upcycled Fabric Coiled Placemats and Vessel

Would you like to learn how to make these ones out of old garments, jeans, t-shirts and plastic bags? I put together an ebook with hours of instructional videos with my 'lovely' Italian accent and English mistakes everywhere :-D! A big THANK YOU to the my friend Claire that patiently spend time in correcting the step by step PDF(much needed).
To wet your appetite here's a bonus video focused on blanket stitch.

Here's materials you need and the two projects you make, a small placemat and a vessel:
This technique is applicable to coiled basket as well, any size you like
You also learn how to make a nice, decorative closure like this one:
Available in my Etsy shop as direct download
Or here (I send it by email within 24 hours):

This e-book contains: 
- Step by step photo tutorial from start to finish
- 5 video tutorial: 
   - Video 1: Coiled Placemats - Materials and how to start 
   - Video 2: Coiled Placemats - How to add a new thread,a new core, a new piece of fabric
   - Video 3: Coiled Placemats - How to make a decorative closure 
   - Video 4: Coiled Vessel – How to make the sides 
   - Video 5 – Inspiration and resources 
- Bonus video - Focus on Blanket Stitch 
- 24 pages with photo and description
- PDF file

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Crafty Claire ha detto...

I adore the bright colours of your coiled projects xxx

bia ha detto...

Oi querida, o e-book vem em português