lunedì 13 febbraio 2023

Loooove slow stitching! Stitched Hearts

How much I love slow stitching? A lot! But I 'm running out of ideas what to stitch lately. I started to put together these simple stitched hearts before Christmas and well, it took a while to finish and I love how these turned out.
From a gel print with one of my stencil (my favourite one, oh those black micro beads):
And finally I used those rusted fabric:

And here some short video process (are you hooked ;-)?):

4 commenti:

Alice (scrAPpamondo) ha detto...

Favolosi!!! Li vedrei bene su una collana estiva, sopra una borsa o sui jeans!
....Sempre una fucina di Arte, qui da te!!! :)
Buon S. Valentino!

Crafty Claire ha detto...

Wow these hearts are stunning. Beautiful beaded stitched masterpieces xxx

Anonimo ha detto...

Love these! What is the base you use for these hearts? Thank you!

Gio ha detto...

As base I used an old duvet :-)