lunedì 10 maggio 2021

Video Tutorial: Air Dry Clay Bowls with Stencils

Welcome back everyone, today I introduce you to a video tutorial where I'm using, for the first time in ages (I was a children last time I used it) air dry clay with my stencils. In 2018 I've been so lucky to work a bit with a very talented Raku ceramic artist, Sandra Manus, in my little town, and every now and then I design custom stencils for her. Late November she asked me a large stencil inspired by a Sardinian jewel, and this April I've reworked it a little bit, shrinken and added to the my latest stencil's release. So, inspired by her, I've got a stick of air dry clay and played -a lot- for several weeks. Well, I am happy with the result, but I hated to wait  the drying time (it was so humid  at the time, I waited several days for every bowl):

The small one is a bit wonky, I wanted it wonky on purpose but in the end it was half wonky and half straight :-(
This one in my mind was thick and squared, but well, I didn't get enough clay and I didn't want to start again (but you can, start over again indefinitely)
The crackle glaze added such a wonderful texture!

4 commenti:

Alice (scrAPpamondo) ha detto...

Oooohhh.... ma sono stupendi!!!! Spettacolo!! Che grande idea usare gli stencils e la finitura dorata è davvero perfetta par dargli risalto!
E che dire del crackle su quello blu??? Lo adoro!!!!!:D
Vado a gustarmi il video!

Cocofolies ha detto...

This is a magical and fabulous project, once again... A big big BRAVO dear Gio!!!! Et merci pour cette super jolie idée encore une fois...
Happy happy crafting day, a big hug! :)

Christine Alexander ha detto...

love the idea of making these little plates ♥

Crafty Claire ha detto...

Awesomely WOW! Love these little bowls and the gorgeous rich colours xx