lunedì 1 maggio 2023

Video Tutorial: How to Cyanotype with Stencils and Chipboards

A new obsession?! No way, just curious and eager to find a new way to dye fabric. Despite blue is my second last favourite colour I really love how this bunch of fabrics turned out. I started from an old white bed linen, cut in squares, and here's how it works:

I've found a new way to use my stencils (the dirtier the better):
This is a first experiment on paper, need more tests and playing:

3 commenti:

Alice (scrAPpamondo) ha detto...

Wow!!! Che meraviglia!!! davvero fantastica questa stoffa che hai creato! Vado a godermi il video! :)
Buona festa dei lavoratori :D

Christine Alexander ha detto...

wow, your Cyanotype printing is amazing, I now have to go out and get some and play. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration ♥

Crafty Claire ha detto...

I've still not tried cyanotype but you are certainly teasing me with possibilities...and I do have a few stencils I could use!!