venerdì 24 febbraio 2023

Upcycled Fabric Leftovers Necklace

When you start coiling can't stop! So I tried something little (quick to make but it requires a bit of patience), to make some jewels. I started with a statement necklace, very bold to wear. I have some coiled discs left maybe I will try something sober and and some earrings, my mind is buzzin' with ideas :-)
Here's a short/tease video about it:

If you like to learn and master this technique here's an ebook I wrote, available in my Etsy shop:

2 commenti:

Alice (scrAPpamondo) ha detto...

Questa collana è impareggiabile, la adoro!!!! Idea meravigliosa e con i tuoi colori vibranti davvero stupenda!!!! Mi riprometto di provarci assolutamente!!!

Crafty Claire ha detto...

This is STUNNING! Is it time to expand and design for the catwalk? xxx