sabato 2 luglio 2022

Upcycling Jeans: Coiled placemat and basket

 Let's face it...for a series of reason this Summer I have lot of spare time, so beside going to the beach (yeahhhhh!!) I decided to learn something new such as coiling basket! I used to watch my grandmother when I was a child coiling very very large raffia baskets (covula in Sardinian language) and now it is my time. No raffia or natural stuff but upcycled materials for my pieces, jeans, fabric leftovers, electric and elastic cord or juta rope stolen from my cats' toy. I enrolled in a on-line course and learned the basics ( by Ruth Wood). Is it an easy task? NOWAY!! But I hope to improve along this long, hot Summer. 

To start with I've made a large table mat and after that a small coiled basket. Not perfect, but I am very proud of them: 

Not too bad for a first time! :-)

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Alice (scrAPpamondo) ha detto...

Wow!!! Stupendi! Bravissima, Gio!!!
... Io ho comprato da poco un libro per imparare ad intrecciare i cestini con fibre naturali, ma non ho nemmeno iniziato a leggerlo :( A me il tempo purtroppo manca sempre, e ora più che mai!!
Il jeans rende tantissimo con i fili colorati!!
Un abbraccione!

Gio ha detto...

Una volta che impari la tecnica puoi applicarla dove vuoi,anche vecchi jeans. Daiiiiii!!

Immi ha detto...

These are really pretty!

Crafty Claire ha detto...

I am in awe of your patience and creativity! Beautiful crafting xx