venerdì 13 maggio 2022

Video Tutorial: Crazy Leaves Minialbum with GrafixArts

Hello everyone, today's craft project is a mini leaves shape album made in collaboration with Grafix. Hope you enjoy this video tutorial: I used so many materials and techniques I had to edit a lot the video, it was hours long. I love experimenting with these products and those shrinked leaves are adorable!

3 commenti:

Crafty Claire ha detto...

Such a gorgeous project and good to see all the surfaces together to compare them. I like the look of the printer sheet :-) xxx

Christine Alexander ha detto...

Beautiful leaves Gio, love the effect on Grafix

Cocofolies ha detto...

I love this adorable leaves album, wonderful shape, colors, textures and stenciling!!!
I also love your words printing on this special adhesive sheet.. Did you write and put colors yourself on each individual sentence to prepare the sheet? Very good job in all cases, it looks perfect ;-)

Big hugs from me, still a bit behind the scene at the moment, sorry... :(