sabato 1 gennaio 2022

Video Tutorial: DIY Calendar 12 Months 12 Techniques with GelliArts

Happy New Year everyone! To be filled with love, health and a bit of creativity! What about celebrating 2022 with a DIY calendar made with 12 different gel printing technique? And with an old CD case as a holder? Here's the video tutorial and here you can download the PDF 2022 calendar to print at home:

3 commenti:

Alice (scrAPpamondo) ha detto...

Bellissimo questo calendarietto da tavolo!!
Buon Anno Nuovo, Gio!! :) Che ti porti ancora avanti sulla strada che hai intrapreso!! ;)

Cocofolies ha detto...

Happy happy happy New Year Gio!!!!
A wonderful project to start well and creatively the year, thank you so much for this great proposal!!
I've just printed your calendar, now the fun part, I'm going to watch again all your techniques for the whole calendar on Youtube, and simply follow them for the fun and joy to create a bit with you in mind, even in distance... :)
I have the Covid, catched before the New Eve, not really fun but it's ok so far... So being now closed at home, even more easy to create a bit for myself yippee!! :D
A big hug,
all the very best in all your projects and Life in 2022!
PS: your nougats will wait a bit sorry, but no worries, they should arrive teehee... :)

Crafty Claire ha detto...

Happy New Year! These will definitely brighten up your year as you look at them each month. I hope you have a fabulous year with lots of crafting adventures along the way. xxx