giovedì 28 maggio 2020

June Monthly Mermaid Stencil 'Splash'

And the new monthly stencil is here! Definitely inspired by Mer-May or maybe just my wish to go to the beach to enjoy a bit of sand and sun I called this one 'Splash'.
I don't know why but these pretty tails just asked for glitter, lot of glitter! So, for days, my face and everywhere was covered in glitter, don't care, I love the effect I got :-)
More glitter and gel print leftovers to make this bunch of tiny ATCoins:
I think these ATCoins fit perfectly with the latest challenge on Simon Says: We’re Going Around In Circles.
And the June Bullet Journal spread, it is so uplifting!

Stencil available on my Etsy shop:

2 commenti:

Christine Alexander ha detto...

Fun stencils Gio, love all the texture on your mermaid tails :)

Crafty Claire ha detto...

Really fun and the glitter definitely adds the texture. Any chance the scales, waves and drops will come on their own big stencil? Just asking ;-)xxx