martedì 10 dicembre 2019

Video Tutorial: Gel Printed jewels with Coffee and Talc Powder

And grunge again! It was ages, since I saw two videos by Denise Lush using instant coffe and talc powder with gel printing and I was eager to try this tecnique. I put them together and with the prints I got I created some grunge jewels: an unusual and unique hand-made gift. Here the video tutorial:
To make this earrings' shape I used my new stencils 'Top of the World'
It's a technique where prints get better and better during the session, taking care of not cleaning the gel plate, but carry on spreading acrylic paint and talc or coffee (not too much) and pulling several prints out of it. Definitely an addictive playing!

You can find 'Top of the World' stencil set in my Etsy shop large and mini version:

5 commenti:

maj. ha detto...

Wow, Gio, your work is amazing!!!

Christine Alexander ha detto...

I love that grungy mottled look :)

Robi ha detto...

Superlativi! Senza parole.... bravissima sempre di più.

logy mahmoud ha detto...

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Alice (scrAPpamondo) ha detto...

Avevo già visto il video e mi chiedevo proprio come mai non publicavi anche un post... Meritano di essere messi in mostra!!! :D Sono fantastici!!!!!!