venerdì 13 settembre 2019

VideoTutorial: Gel Printed Puffed Hearts

Maybe some of you have got one of this puffed gel printed hearts: I attach one to any first order from my Etsy shop :-).Today I show you a new video tutorial how to make from scratch these bunch of colourful puffed heart:

Before stuffing I like to add a motivational stamped quote:
You can find this project with step by step photos and many more in my e-book about gel printing, available in my Etsy shop, in English and Italian
Stencils I used in the video from my new stencil line 'Romantic Steampunk':

3 commenti:

Alice (scrAPpamondo) ha detto...

Oh, sì, certamente che li conosco!!! :D ADORABILI cuoricioni cicciotti!!! Perfetti attaccati alla borsa o alle chiavi!!
Grazie per i commenti, mi fanno sempre molto piacere! :)
Buon weekend!

butterfly ha detto...

These are so delightful - wonderful colours and I love the words across the centre. Sewing machines break when I sit down at them, so I'm not sure I'll be trying this just yet!
Alison x

Tra carta, timbri e colori di Giulia ha detto...