venerdì 20 gennaio 2017

ArtJournal in black:Peggy

On IndigoBlu this month we celebrate our favourite stamp. Useless to say, there are tons that I love: picking a couple has not been easy at all. A set designed by Limon Webber is on my top list (here, here here used on several projects):
Sul blog della IndigoBlu questo mese scegliamo i nostri timbri preferiti. Non proprio facilissimo, ce ne sono un sacco che adoro, diciamo che questo della Limon Webber, è nella mia top list (qui e qui e qui dove l 'ho già usato)
Plume A5 Red Rubber Stamp - Part of the Limor Webber Signature Range by Indigoblu
Lots of my ArtJournal pages are just inspired by an image from a magazine, and this is no exception. I was so fascinated by this black and white photo of Peggy Guggenheim, relaxing in Venice. She has been such an important woman in the world of art and this page celebrates this art collector and emancipated woman.
"I was a liberated woman long before there was a name for it"
Molte delle mie pagine di ArtJournal sono ispirate dai dei ritagli di giornale, questo raffigurante Peggy Guggenheim rilassata a Venezia, mi ha ispirato tantissimo. Una donna leggendaria nel mondo dell'arte, e sicuramente una donna avanti rispetto al suo tempo.

And speaking about Art, I had the chance, on two freezing days, to visit some of the treasure of Milan:
The very symbol of the city, from a different point of view
E a proposito di arte, ho avuto occasione di girare per musei in questa freddolosa Milano,qui il suo simbolo da una prospettiva diversa
The exhibition 'Boom 60!' inside the 900 Museum
La mostra Boom 60! All'interno del Museo del 900
A glimpse from the Art Modern Gallery
Uno sguardo alla GAM
I wondered who the recipient of this beautiful smile was
Un così bel sorriso a chi sarà rivolto?
Here the answer, another beautiful, mysterious lady
Secondo me all'altra bellezza nella stanza adiacente
And it really deserves a visit the Casa Museo Boschi Di Stefano, packed with masterpieces
E merita davvero una visita la casa museo Boschi Di Stefano:

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Karen Gist ha detto...

Oh WOW! You lucky girl being able to visit those places and the beautiful artwork! I would love to see more of Milan xxx

maj. ha detto...

Wonderful creation, Gio!!!

Crafty Claire ha detto...

I love the journal page, especially how the white and colour pop on the dark background.

craftytrog ha detto...

A wonderful look at Milan, great photos! And, of course, I adore your art journal page!
Alison xx

scrAPpamondo ha detto...

Confesso la mia abissale ignoranza in fatto d'arte... Non conoscevo Peggy Guggenheim prima di vederla nel tuo AJ! :D Bellissimo in nero e bianco con gli spot di colore così vividi e bella frase.
Grazie per le foto dei musei, davvero stupende!

Barbara Schiassi ha detto...

Il journal nero è spettacolo! sei sempre fantastica! barbara

Coco ha detto...

I also love your Art journal page Gio, free and artsy, and the theme and lady you chose is touching.
And thank you for the beautiful photos of these wonderful places!!! A lovely visit to Milan. I've never been to Milan (only to Rome and Florence, which is already great... the best cities and trips for me forever! :-)
But I envy you! :)
A big hug Gio, hope things go well in your new job and life.. I will send you something kept preciously for you, that you should like maybe, at least I hope.. just after the end of my exposition! :D

Sam & Poppy ha detto...

Love it - SO dramatic!!

Jackie PNeal ha detto...

What a fabulous journal spread!! I must read more about Ms. Guggenheim!
Ogh Gio! Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful museum photos!! This is how I visit art in other countries, through the blogs of my friends faraway! So very much appreciated!! until the day I come to visit your beautiful country, I will view it from your blog and perspective!
Cio Bella! xoxo