lunedì 27 aprile 2015

On-line course AJ4Everyone and Giveaway!

Here we are! I made it, I translated my first on-line course about ArtJournaling in English! And I assure you, it will be fun, at least because of my hilarious accent and madeup words :-)
This course is made for people who:
-want to start ArtJournaling with a small budget (no need to buy expensive art supplies to wet your feet and see if you like it)
-advanced Artjournaler...a new way to look at stuff that is around you and never thought it would become a new craft tool
-who lost the feeling to create and needs a gentle push and inspiration to start again.
The course goes live Monday, 4th May.
There's a chance for two of you to win a place to attend the course, by just leaving a comment on this post; sharing this post in the social network will increase your chances of winning and I would appreciates it :-).

Per tutte le crafter Italiane, c'è sempre la possibilità di iniziare il corso in Italiano quando si vuole, qui tutte le istruzioni.

Antislip mats, cereal boxes, talcum powder, old credit cards, old doilies, markers...and other stuff from everyday life: these are the things we are using to create our ArtJournal!
We're going to create vibrant, colourful, funny pages that reminds us all of our personality, our mood, our Art.
This course will introduce you on the journey into Artjournaling and MixedMedia, with few cheap materials needed, all you need to do is look around your home or your local stores.
Stencils and stamps are handmade, gesso and embossing paste are made with less than a euro, upcycled support, to take the first steps you need to create, or to find again the inspiration that you may have lost over the years.
There are lots of videos to watch with detailed explanations and pages showing step by step instructions from start to finish, where we can gain inspiration, learn about the colour wheel theory, texture and upcycling.
Along with the videos you can download and save on your PC the E-books (PDF format) relating to the videos.
The on-line course will be available from one year since the purchasing date, and you can watch the videos at your convenience and as often as you like.

The course will be held on a private blog, where you can be always in touch with me and the other participants, through comments or email. There will be a FB closed group where you can share your artwork, doubts and questions.
The course costs 25 € .

For any further information or other payment options, please write me here:

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Karen ha detto...

This is wonderful my friend! Love your little intro :-D xxx

Immi ha detto...

How exciting! It sounds like fun!

maj. ha detto...

Happy and sweet!

kimmysue ha detto...

I would love to win the opportunity to attend your course. I'm going to share this on a Facebook art group I belong to. Thank you so much for the chance to win.

Terri ha detto...

Wow, looks like an awesome class. I'm very new to mixed media art journaling. Would love to win your course to learn how to use what I already have around the house. Thank you!!

Cocofolies ha detto...

This looks really great Gio, I'm in awe!.. Do you konw what? I'm currently losing my job like you some time ago, but unlike you I don't have your skills and ideas to organize such in-line workshops for the moment.. However I have to think about what I will do next, I will see.
I've just read the comment above.. Think you should share it also on the Art Journaling FB Group if not done yet!! Absolutely! :D Bises

Unknown ha detto...

Oo it looks like a wonderful class! I will go on yout blog to discover your art and I share with peasure!

Gerrie Johnnic ha detto...

I am here thru Coco's share and I would love to attend your class. I watched your video and you are having so much fun without me, I need to be there. I too, am sharing this on FB.

Gez Butterworth ha detto...

Good Luck with your class, it looks and sounds amazing.

Happy creating, Gez

Words and Pictures ha detto...

Hope the class is going brilliantly... the time is not right for me at the moment (I have no time at all!!) - but I hope you'll be doing lots more in the future. I'd love to come and play!
Alison xx