martedì 18 febbraio 2020

VideoTutorial: GelPrinting with Kitchen Roll Paintbrushes Holder

Hello everyone! Lately I received a huge parcel full of products by Spellbinders® designed by the uber talented Jane Daverport for an incoming collaboration between GelliArts® and Spellbinders®.
Well, in the meantime, I needed to try everything, right?!
I gave another go at gel printing with patterned kitchen roll and I love the worn, grunge look I got :

With the large print I created a rolling paintbrushes holder  to put all those wonderful and shining paintbrushes and pens:

These are more prints I made during the session:

With the smaller prints I made a small pencil case:
Stencils used in the video designed by me and available on Etsy.

3 commenti:

Christine Alexander ha detto...

so cool Gio, I wish I had more time to try these projects :)

Mia ha detto...

Gio, this is amazing!!!!!!!! A HUGE THANK YOU for the tutorial!!!!!! Baci!!!

scrAPpamondo ha detto...

Brava!!!! Perfetto per riporre i tuoi nuovi strumenti!
Mi piacce l'effetto dei tuoi stencils con le impronte del rotolo da cucina e quel mini portamatite con il timbro è uno spettacolo!