martedì 18 febbraio 2020

VideoTutorial: GelPrinting with Kitchen Roll Paintbrushes Holder

Hello everyone! Lately I received a huge parcel full of products by Spellbinders® designed by the uber talented Jane Daverport for an incoming collaboration between GelliArts® and Spellbinders®.
Well, in the meantime, I needed to try everything, right?!
I gave another go at gel printing with patterned kitchen roll and I love the worn, grunge look I got :

With the large print I created a rolling paintbrushes holder  to put all those wonderful and shining paintbrushes and pens:

These are more prints I made during the session:

With the smaller prints I made a small pencil case:
Stencils used in the video designed by me and available on Etsy.

giovedì 13 febbraio 2020

Video Tutorial: 10 Ways with Round Nesting Dies-Part 3

And with a set of round dies you can create your own stencils, stamps and even texture plates for gel printing:

This card is made with the Bokeh technique, on an alcohol ink gel printed background: I really really like this effect.
And a card made with handmade stamps, out of fun foam

And some gel prints made with the handmade stencils, stamps and texture plates. 

Let's say these rounded dies are pretty versatile! I am super happy with them and I am sure there are other ways to use them, for sure!

martedì 11 febbraio 2020

Video Tutorial: 10 Ways with Round Nesting Dies-Part 2

And you can use a round dies even on ArtJournal to add a bit of fun to your pages.
New video tutorial '10 Ways with Round Nesting Dies':

In the video I show you how to add a loose page to you ArtJournal to add a fun peek-a-boo element:
What about a pair of 70' inspired earrings made of paper leftovers, front:
and back:
And my first ever ATCoins: these are rounded mini cards (2,5 inches) made to swap:
You can easily make a rounded card, just sponge a bit of ink through a stencil, add a sentiment and you're done.
And last but not least a bit of upcycling with a pendant made out of a kitchen disposable tray lid and alcohol ink.

Video Tutorial: 10 Ways with Round Nesting Dies-Part 1

New toy new video! Not the hugest fan of dies here but I didn't resist getting the round nesting dies and put them in good use: 10 techniques and 10 different craft projects, I hope this inspire you to make something even with no dies of course:

My favourite project of this bunch is a round minialbum made out of gel prints: in the video I show you how to make gel prints with hand made texture plates, stencil and stamps.

And a shaker card! Seahorses are made out of the same gel prints of the minialbum that I created in the video. To make the pocket I used thick double sided tape but after a couple of days beads and sequins were everywhere in my craftroom, grrrrr.

mercoledì 5 febbraio 2020

Alice in Wonderland and Giulietta Midori

Hello everyone, you know how much I love making Midoris or faux-dori and I used to sell them on my Etsy shop. But lately I focused more on my line of stencil so I neglected other stuff.
A lovely previous owner of one of my Midori asked for another one to give to her daugter: she requested a Midori inspired by one of my ArtJourmal's (or book journal) page from two years ago and since I was there why not make a second one Alice themed? Well, she got both of them! I was super happy, of course :-)
And you, which one do you prefer? Giulietta or Alice?
To make the Midori and notebook cover I made some gel prints and laser cut a couple of Alice silhouettes (or you can use my 'Alice in Giogioland 'stencil set) out of them.

I adhered a piece of pink net to the cardstock cover and put through the laminator.
The Giulietta one:
With this I participate on MiniAlbumMakers challenge blog