sabato 2 luglio 2022

Upcycling Jeans: Coiled placemat and basket

 Let's face it...for a series of reason this Summer I have lot of spare time, so beside going to the beach (yeahhhhh!!) I decided to learn something new such as coiling basket! I used to watch my grandmother when I was a child coiling very very large raffia baskets (covula in Sardinian language) and now it is my time. No raffia or natural stuff but upcycled materials for my pieces, jeans, fabric leftovers, electric and elastic cord or juta rope stolen from my cats' toy. I enrolled in a on-line course and learned the basics ( by Ruth Wood). Is it an easy task? NOWAY!! But I hope to improve along this long, hot Summer. 

To start with I've made a large table mat and after that a small coiled basket. Not perfect, but I am very proud of them: 

Not too bad for a first time! :-)

mercoledì 22 giugno 2022

New stencil set: Summer Vibe

Hello everyone! Today I show you three new stencil designs I've made lately and ton of samples I've made with them. The first stencil, available in two sizes, is inspired by a floral rubber mat I was obsessed with. Hope you like them, enjoy :-)
On my Instagram you can find a short video tutorial how I've made these colourful butterfly cards:

I love the contrast between modern and vintage:

Some gel prints (I've made dozens of these, couldn't stop!)
New stencils available in my Etsy shop:

martedì 14 giugno 2022

Video Tutorial: Vintage Charmed Bracelet with Grafix

Hello everyone, Summer is here and why not to celebrate it with a bright and funny craft project? Here's my latest collaboration with GrafixArts, involving shrink plastic, stamping and a bit of inkjet specialty paper (a must have in my stash). I hope you enjoy the video:

I couldn't resist making a cat version, this stamp set by Katzelkraft is so lovely:
         Ciao, until next time!=^.^=

venerdì 10 giugno 2022

A stitch in time...:Fornasetti Kiss Clasp Purse

Since October, when I attended the slow stitching workshop by Sara Kay Strandquist (@seesarastitch) I never stopped stitching. Today I show you a small (and quick) stitching project and one that took me more than one month from start to finish. I stitch mainly in the evening, just when I feel like it...and I still loving it so much :-) 
I found by chance this kiss clasp in my craft stash and this is how this mini stitched project started:
And here's a giant sort of bag where I keep all my stitching stuff. It usually stays on my couch and it is one of the most useful thing I have ever made.
And you? Have you discovered a new passion, lately? Happy weekend everyone!

venerdì 3 giugno 2022

June Monthly Stencil: Enchanting Frames

Welcome June! I am right on track this mont, and already designing the next monthly stencil. Anyway I have to say this is my favourite one so far, and the Bullet Journal spread, too, maybe I am little biased by those pesky cats =^.^=
And a couple of colourful cards:
And a mini concertina made out of the first failed attempt in the BuJo page (yes, I did cut the whole page out!!)
Stencil 'Enchanting Frames' available in my Etsy shop

May Monthly Stencil: Book Lovers Only

Ok, shame on me! I forgot to post the monthly stencil about May. Anyway, since I am a book worm (and I wrote down in my BuJo what I read) it was high time to design a stencil about books :-)
And here's a couple of slim cards:
Stencil 'Book Lovers Only' available in my Etsy shop