giovedì 14 gennaio 2021

New line of stencils: Video Tutorial stencils and shrink plastic

Ok, hands down! These bunch of Maneki dolls are soooo darn cute. Here I used the new stencil "Lucky Japan" to create this simple card where the background is made out of craft plastic leftovers coloured with alcohol ink:
The leftovers came from this card:
I couldn't  resist make some tiny embellishments out of shrink plastic and use them for this faux Midori:
Here the video tutorial how to use stencils with shrink plastic:

The tinier the cuter:

 You can find these new stencils in my Etsy shop:

lunedì 11 gennaio 2021

New line of stencils: Doors through the World-Part1


And finally the new 2021 stencils are out!! I wanted to dedicated them to several countries and culture all over the world, so this is just part1, many ideas and more designs are buzzing into my mind already. With no furher ado, here some samples I made using these new stencils:
A couple of her majesty ATCs:
A taste of French elegance
Some Jane Austen inspiraton:
A card on acetate with alcohol inks (a new favourite):
You can find these new stencils on my Etsy shop

giovedì 7 gennaio 2021

Video Tutorial Alcohol Inks Card Holder and ATCs

Happy New Year everyone and welcome back!! Here we are with new stencils and a new video tutorial. I've designed these tiny ATC size Gothic arches back in December, but I didn't have the chance to show it before. So, with no further ado, let's start this creative 2021 with alcohol inks , ATCs and ATC's holder:
Here some backgrounds I've made using Craft Plastic by Grafix
The ATC's holder
And a set of 4 ATCs made using a fantabulous stamp by Jane Davenport:
Yes the little window opens on its hinges (just a bit of washi tape)
You can find this new set of ATC stencil and matching kraft chipoards on my Etsy shop:

lunedì 28 dicembre 2020

Advent Calendar by GiogioCraft Recap-5


Hello and welcome back! And today the last recap of my Advent Calendar made out of 25 mini stencils that I put on sale in mid October in my Etsy shop: from a bit of Alice in Wonderland to some sparkling packages and cards, through a two tiny Midori featuring the very last Mandala stencil. Let's start with

Day21: Vintage Oval Frame

Day22: Vintage Keys

Day23: Snowflakes

Day24: Flower

Day25: Mandala

You can find these mini stencils in my Etsy shop:
And we're done!!! Happy Festive Season everyone, we'll see in 2021 :-)