sabato 25 gennaio 2020

12 Months-12 Stencils: Scylla's Alphabet

In 2020 I've been releasing one new stencil every month, suitable especially for Bullet Journaling but that can be used for cardmaking, MixedMedia, Art Journaling and of course gel printing.
The January's stencil is called Scylla's Alphabet, perfect to trace out or to use as background stencil.Here some samples I made.
A card featuring Alice:

A multilayered gel printed background: 
A card with a gel printed background (the one I pulled during the Alice book video):

And last but not least (maybe you already see this BuJo page), where I used the stencils for the title, the sentiment and all the month numbers. I hope these stencils can improve a bit my pages during this year.

Stencil available in my Etsy shop:

Have a lovely weekend :-)

4 commenti:

scrAPpamondo ha detto...

La tua nuova release alfabeto è molto versatile! Alice è stupenda con il contrasto lettere/kraft! Bellissimi sia il foglio fatto con il gelli che la card italiana :D e che meraviglia le lettere con il doodling!!!!

Buona domenica!

Mia ha detto...

Stunning! Oh I LOVE Alice!!!!!!!!! Kisses!!!!

Christine Alexander ha detto...

Love that alphabet stencil Gio :)

Crafty Claire ha detto...

Wow everything on one stencil! I am so pleased for you that all your crafting ideas are taking off and we all get the benefit. Can't wait to see what's coming over the year xxx