lunedì 10 aprile 2017

Distress Oxide: Cards and Audrey

Before to make the video '10 Ways to use Distress Oxide' I experimented a little bit with the DO, mixing them just with Distress Inks: this is a bunch of papers I what to do with them? 
Prima di girare il video "10 Modi di usare i Distress Oxide" mi ero un pò divertita a mischiarli con i Distress Inks: ecco qualche che ci ho fatto poi?
A simple collage and some brush lettering (my first attempt, indeed, this need a lot of practice), the background was too striking to cover it  with anything else, in my opinion.
Ecco un semplice collage, lo sfondo mi piaceva troppo per coprirlo, e un pò di lettering, giusto un tentativo, qui urge taaaanta pratica.

And what about those other papers? If you like to see a couple of cards and something mini I made with all those papers, here my first post for MarteSavona shop.
E le altre carte? Come le ho usate? Qui alcune cards ed altre mini idee nel mio primo post per MarteSavona:

8 commenti:

Pamela ha detto...

Ooooh ma sono bellissimi questi sfondi che hai ottenuto con tuoi esperimenti!!!

scrAPpamondo ha detto...

GRANDEEEEEE!!!! Favoloso il collage... ma quale "tentativo" di lettering???? Per me è PERFETTO!! Stupendo l'accostamento bianco/nero e colore!!
Le card sono una delizia, ho visto anche le altre su Marte Lab, strepitose e modernissime!

Crafty Claire ha detto...

Beautiful! I always love your colour combinations and I agree the papers are too lovely to cover up. Xx

maj. ha detto...

The cards are so cute, and have beautifull colours!!!
Happy Easter Gio!!!

Jackie PN ha detto...

Gorgeous papers! And yes, I agree to beautiful to cover up! Love love love your color play Gio!! always striking!
Your card with the stitching is great! I love the way you separated the pieces- very clever!
Happy Easter to you!
Sending bunny hugs and blessings,Jackie xx

Barbara ha detto...

Ero certa che ti saresti divertita con gli Oxides! e mi pare pure tanto! Splendido lavoro! barbara

Cocofolies ha detto...

The first card is fabulous my dear.... WOW.
I love your writing too, really perfect and beautiful.
I know I should train and learn myself too, but it's hard to find the time and the energy! :)
Just pinned yours on my inspirational cards board on Pinterest.
The second one looks fantastic too, you rock and it's great!!!!
Grosses bises et bonne journée,

butterfly ha detto...

It looks like you've made friends with the Oxides now... I wish I was as brave with colour as you are - these backgrounds are so uplifting. It really is hard to cover them up, isn't it?! I agree. But I think the glamorous beauty looks great and the lettering is very cool. The simple heart flower stamps are great for leaving all those lovely inky effects visible.
Alison x