lunedì 4 maggio 2015

AJ4Everyone: the winners

Thank you to everyone who commented and spread the news about my on-line course. And the winners are: 
Please send me an e-mail here, and I'll send you straight away the credentials to access the private blog.
And here's my last AJ page, made with alternative materials. I wasn't happy about it, but since seeking perfection is not allowed on ArtJournaling, I decided that it was alright!
E questa è la mia paginetta più recente. Più andavo avanti e meno mi piaceva, ma siccome sull'ArtJournal non è certo richiesta la perfezione ho deciso di lasciarla com'era e pubblicarla.

8 commenti:

Immi ha detto...

I think your page turned out well. I'm sure you are your severest critic!

Gerrie Johnnic ha detto...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I am doing the verry happy dance!! Thanks so much, hugs to you and to Gez!

Gerrie Johnnic ha detto...

I love this..........the background is so pretty, and the writing, etc. in various font's is so much fun! Love yourself Gio! xx

craftytrog ha detto...

I love your stenciled background and the wording on this beautiful page Gio! Great quote! xxx

maj. ha detto...

This is so beautiful. What a great background, such a nice colors!

Gez Butterworth ha detto...

Oh WOW! I'm LOST for words!

Thanking you from the bottom of my heart!

Happy hugs!

Gez xx

Gez Butterworth ha detto...

Wonderful, wonderful page! WONDERFUL xxx

Cocofolies ha detto...

What a beautiful page Gio... Even wonderful as Gez said! I love the delpth and the lovely summery background.. Fantastic inspiration.
And of course, I'm last commenting, but congratulations to Gerrie and Gez! :D Bisous!