lunedì 21 luglio 2014

Sneak peeks courses and creative blog hop

These are the sneak peeks of the first projects we are going to make on the Sunday class and on the Upcycling club on Monday 4th August at the CraftBarn:
Alcuni dettagli dei miei primi due corsi che terrò a Londra presso CraftBarn, il 3 e 4 Agosto. Per maggiori informazioni, qui oppure scrivetemi.
A 30X30 canvas, with lots of texture and details, made using Gelatos and embossing pastes
Un canvas, pieno di texture e dettagli
and a Distress ink pad holder, eventually I found a nice way to store my favourite inkpads on my desk.
E un porta Distress ink, naturalmente di riciclo.
If you like to spend a day(or two!) with me and bring home your own holder or canvas, here the details.

I was involved on a creative blog hop by the super-talented and kind Helen Chilton ( I confess she is one of my favourite artist), these are the questions:
Gira per i blog creativi una piccola catena, lo ammetto non mi piacciono tanto, ma non ho potuto rifiutare l'invito da parte della bravissima Helen Chilton, se non la conoscete , fate un salto nel suo blog, ne vale la pena. Queste le domande:
1) What am I working on?
Almost every day I'm working on a different piece, in these days I'm making the usual DT stuff, a LO, and some samples for the incoming classes at CraftBarn.
1) A cosa stai lavorando?
A parte un trasloco infinito, ogni giorno creo qualcosa, in particolare in questi giorni un LO per il Design Team
2) How does my work differ from others in my genre?
I try to use the stencils, the stamps and the paints in new ways, I like to experiment and find that little idea that change the piece entirely. I love bright colours, but I have a soft side for Vintage and Steampunk.
2) In cosa differisce il mio stile dagli altri
Cerco sempre di trovare un'idea alternativa, e mi piacciono tanto le cose super colorate e moderne. Non disdegno il Vintage e lo steampunk!
 3) Why do I create/write what I do?
Because when I create I don't think to anything else, there are no worries, excepchoosing the combination of colours or which stamp to use, there are no real worries, problems, I totally forget the world outside
3)Perchè creo?
Perchè mi rilassa e non penso più a niente, il mondo reale rimane fuori. E poi mi piace avere fra le mani qualcosa di finito e fatto da me.
 4) How does your writing/creative process work?
Usually I look around my desk to find something to alter(it's the place where I collect things/rubbish), if I don't find anything suitable, I made a card or a scrapbooking page; as long as I choose the colours, I start with a rough idea in mind, and the finished piece is always so different from what I envisaged. Somethimes I'm happy with the it, sometimes not at all. It's unlikely that I start again...
4) Come funziona il mio processo creativo?
Mi guardo intorno per trovare l'ispirazione, di solito qualcosa da trasformare, altrimenti mi butto sulle card o sullo scrapbooking. Scelgo i colori e poi parto con una vaga idea. Alla fine ottengo sempre qualcosa di diverso da quello che m'ero immaginata. Ma se non mi dovese piacere, difficilmente lo rifaccio.

I admit I don't like chains, so, if you like to answer these questions as well, feel free to do it!:-)

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Sandra ha detto...

E' sempre un piacere guardare
le tue bellissime creazioni!

Silvia(Barnie) ha detto...

A very interesting sneak peek.... off to take a closer look.

Sam & Poppy ha detto...

Looking very interesting Gio, have fun at your workshops :)
Big hugs from Poppy and me xx

Karen ha detto...

Oh I so WANT to come to your class my friend but I cannot :-( You will be magnificent!!!! Your makes look lovely xxx

Daniele ha detto...

looking forward to seeing your new stamps Gio
have a great weekend

laury55 ha detto...

the sneak peaks looks great...can't wait to see the whole project

Marjie Kemper ha detto...

Super sneak peeks - can't wait to see the whole reveal!

Cocofolies ha detto...

You will make great classes Gio, I'm ABSOLUTELY sure!!! The sneak peaks to start are really FAB!!! And thank you for telling how your creative process runs!.. ;) Hugs, Coco

butterfly ha detto...

Oh how I wish I could come and play! The sneak peeks look so exciting... Hope you have a wonderful time!
Alison xx

Dianne ha detto...

SQUAWK, I wish I could go too, maybe next year, it's on my bucket list my Dear Miss Gio. It was wonderful to read a bit about you too THANKS for sharing...