giovedì 13 gennaio 2022

VideoTutorial: Klimt House Booklet with Grafix

Hello everyone, and this is the first post and collaboration with GrafixArts of the year. I so enjoyed making this Klimt inspired booklet, many different materials and techniques involved, definitely my cup of tea! Enjoy the video :-)

martedì 4 gennaio 2022

Video Tutorial: Tribal Booklet and new stencils!

Hello everyone, and finally a new release of stencil: it was a while since I wanted to make some tribal/ethnic designs, I don't know which one is my favourite, I like both themes, Indian and African, so many beautiful patterns and colours to get inspired. A new video tutorial how to make this fun booklet, enjoy :-) 
The cover:


New stencils available in my Etsy shop

sabato 1 gennaio 2022

Video Tutorial: DIY Calendar 12 Months 12 Techniques with GelliArts

Happy New Year everyone! To be filled with love, health and a bit of creativity! What about celebrating 2022 with a DIY calendar made with 12 different gel printing technique? And with an old CD case as a holder? Here's the video tutorial and here you can download the PDF 2022 calendar to print at home:

venerdì 3 dicembre 2021

Video Tutorial: Paper cloth with GelliArts

On Pinterest I've found this old video about cloth paper. Wooow, I was hooked! So this is my 2021 version of this technique applied to gel printed tissue paper. Enjoy!

I've made a pencil case (no sew, just washi tape on the side)
And a wrapped journal cover:
Image transfer on tissue paper:
Inside two matching, of course, notebooks

mercoledì 24 novembre 2021

Video Tutorial: Sacred Heart Round MiniAlbum

Hello everyone!A month ago I enrolled in a online course by @seesarastitch and from then, I never stopped slow stitching! This is the my first finished piece, a journal cover (and 3 stitched sacred hearts!) and in my new video tutorial you can see how I've made some of the pages inside, a gel print techniques galore 😍. "Sacred Heart" stencil available in my Etsy shop. Enjoy!